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Welcome …….  Decriminalize Marijuana Blow Jobs & Weed do no harm : )


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sample vids http://pornhub.com/users/blowpopz

Make your PASSION your career and you never work a day of your life. If SUCKING DICK is your PASSION, you’ve come to the right webpage.If you’ve been posting on BP or any other SW sites for longer than 6 months you’re FAILING time for a new plan/management don’t have to be with us #JustSaying People lie numbers don’t……

Men: 1. Buy a video camera. 2. video tape stuff 3. Profit

That is my only advice.

I don’t speak, work, meet, or need male partners.

Men or WOMEN who are Not Interested, maybe you know someone who is…….we do offer FINDERS FEES, if you refer a woman that works out you get $200.

Other than that.



WOMEN OVER 18 ONLY: Let TopNotch build your BRAND.


We are always hiring. We have a budget and equipment to film, edit, and distribute daily. We can travel. We can accommodate you. We provide amenities. We ARE NOT a rest haven for lazy, dumb, lying, stealing, in a bad situation hoes. In life if you wanna eat, you gotta work. Work is putting dick in your mouth. Far from contrary belief, It’s not the glamorous or easy way out unless you truly love and have a passion for it.


We Offer 3 Positions:

1. Pay Per Scene POV Oral Cock Worship Paid daily. Anonymous work also available be creative you can bring a mask, blindfold, wig, etc….

2. Live In Not Pay Per Scene. POV Oral Cock Worship we film daily you live for free. 50/50 Split.

3. Top Notch Management. $3000 Fee Please. Pro Kit. Self Explanatory.

4.  GangBang Girl if you can handle groups (3-10) 2-3 days per week regularly with a smile & enthusiasm, please fill out form below for consideration.

Got TopNotch.Management? $3,000 Fee Please.

All info to contact and work is on this page. Within 24 hours you can have a website, videos, pix, ads, shelter…

Please be independent, no kids, no drama, no strings, no hard drugs, no boyfriend/husbands/etc, no baggage, no junkies, just bring your nympho self and be able to smile for the camera daily. Start work today.


I Only offer pay per scene for Cock Worshiping, Deep Throat, Face Fuck, Sloppy, Cum Queen, POV Oral Scenes.

Deep Throats Needed for pov porno I can film & pay daily

Must be 18 or over, Disease free, Independent, and 100% FEMALE.

Must come to me alone to my 4-5 star private room and have valid paperwork, valid government issued photo ID , get bucked naked, & let me fuck your mouth on video for 15 minutes. 1 on 1 shoots no other people will be present besides me, you, and the camera. (We do not want or need to see your social security number) We value your privacy, your information is stored password protected & encrypted off site and NEVER shared with ANY 3rd party unless subpoenaed by a court of law.















script-blowpopz-dot-com-2010 must follow READ














I am not interested in meeting your husband, boyfriend, cousin, friend, pimp, etc…. If you are not Independent enough to work and travel on your own you don’t have the confidence, circumstances, and appeal we seek. If you find yourself uncomfortable with the environment or me personally in any way, you always have the right to say no and leave. If more then 1 person shows up with you I have the right not to answer the door and cancel shoot. If you arrive not as described or not looking like your pix  I have the right not to answer door and cancel shoot. NO VALUABLES OR CASH IS EVER KEPT ON SITE. It won’t be a big score so keep it moving just me, my camera, and my dick.

I am looking for mutually beneficial ongoing no drama filled relationships. I will work with women who may not want to film regularly it all depends on the situation and schedule availability. I adore women who are independent enough to travel alone and do grown up things like travel, fly, catch cabs, … I love women that can handle and control group situations, women who can enter a room with 1-20 men and leave with $300-$5,000 & 20 new fans. a


I make ROI+ selling these videos it has become a profitable new asset stream. You can too, regular website work available to the right women. Full timers WILL earn thousands per week within the 1st year.

15 Minute scenes are unlimited money shots. You do not stop after the nut. These are sloppy blow job scenes.

Please allow 25-30 minutes total time plus your travel time. 1 min pre video interview is mandatory, 5 min paperwork, 15 min scene, 8-9 minute shower clean up, 1 min post video interview is optional if you wish to stick around afterwords to discuss future scenes and opportunities that is also optional.


Please be on time and keep appointments. NO DRAMA it is what it is, if you don’t love it don’t reply. No hypocrite here, if any ladies can line up women willing to gift me an attorney’s hourly rates to lick an suck their titties until the milk squirt on film sign me up, I don’t absolutely love sucking titties but I do enjoy it. See what I did there it’s all about getting paid to do something you enjoy amazing concept I know, I think theres even an important document that states we all have the sovereign rights to “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”….sex is not dirty people are. Sex does not lie people do. Sex does not give you a disease lying people do.

Yes the form is long and requires you to READ. Experience is our success rates with forms is much higher than via email and phone as it weeds out the time wasters and game players, that you now know the basics of the industry, and that you have actually put some thought into this lifestyle as it shouldn’t be a based on quick decision, It also lets us know all the pertinent information about you so we can provide you with a customized solution as everyone is not in the same situation.   Unlike most companies we do not just accept every applicant, we do not cruise bus stops, or look to take advantage of anyone’s situation. Our decision to work with you is more about personality, detailed answers, and intelligence rather than looks.  So when we do receive a properly filled out inquiry we know that we may have a winner on our hands.

Women apply to film adult video
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  21. Are you willing to bring with you a photo copy of your valid ID and sign it?
  22. Are you willing to bring a valid photo ID with you?
  23. Are you willing to sign a federally required 2257 forms?
  24. Are you willing to sign a model release forms?
  25. Are you willing to come to my 4-5 star private room alone under free will to film adult video with me?
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  27. (required)
  28. Do you stop sucking dick after a man cums or do you keep sucking, play with it, and make love to the cock with your mouth?
  29. I LOVE to suck dick, I LOVE to worship cock, I LOVE Cum on my face and in my mouth. Are all TRUE statements about ME
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  33. I agree to be filmed performing the following scenes Cock Worship Deep Throat Face Fuck Cum On Face Cum in Mouth Ball Licking Gagging Sloppy Blow Jobs
  34. I agree to have my sudsy sexy shower clean up also filmed.
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  36. I have group experience
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  39. Looking for regular work or 1 time thing? Full Time or Part Time?
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  43. Do You Have 3-5 Years To dedicate To This?
  44. (required)
  45. Are You interested in BUSINESS / MAKING MONEY RETIRING/ SUCKING DICK or emotions having a man/boyfriend/relationship?
  46. I state that all the info provided on this form is true and will match the valid ID I provide.

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1st Time shoots I only offer valid gift cards, Regular actresses can receive gift cards, cash, or recurring direct deposit in advance. No cash or valuables are kept on site. Leave a  message 24/7.  Calls don’t get returned without a form being submitted.


PRE video interview is MANDATORY. Fill out form to prepare and rehearse your lines.

The PRE  video interview is never shared with any 3rd party unless subpoenaed by a court of law, it is stored password protected & encrypted off site.

Pre Video Interview while holding up ID is MANDATORY
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POSTvideo interview is OPTIONAL. Fill out form to prepare and rehearse your lines.

Post Video Interview is OPTIONAL
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8+ Hours doing something you hate or 15 minutes doing something you love?

8+ Hours answering phones or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours flipping burgers or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours preparing food or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours filing papers or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours folding clothes or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours working a cash register or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours driving or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours dealing with inconsiderate, selfish assholes or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours lifting boxes or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours boring meetings or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours taking care of others or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

8+ Hours working for someone else or 15 Minutes Sucking Dick?

5 days a week 8+ hours a day just getting by or make your own hours?

20-50 Years more slave labor until retirement or 3-5 years?

$50,000 – $80,000 in student loans or mortgage that will take 20+ years to work off, or minimum of $80,000 of paid for property in 3-5 years?

Work for your money or let your money work for you?

Full Timers prosper & flourish, lazy part time dreamers always fail.

Anonymous POV (Point Of View) porno scenes available for women who don’t want to show their face POV doggy style, reverse or front cowgirl, mask, blindfold, wig, bag, be creative……….neck below will only be shot identifiable marks can be left out.


LIVE IN POSITION That’s right LIVE for free.

Looking for 1 or 2 full time video girl(s). Must be over 18 and willing to relocate.

This is a 3-5 year position which requires a minimum of 1 hour per day of film content and 1 hour for live webcam shows.

Split is 50/50.

This is a live in position everything (all bills taken care of) including but not limited to:









Cellphone: For Business Only

Monthly Manicure/Pedicure:

Monthly Hair:

Monthly Victorias Secret

Full Kitchen:

Website / Marketing

Photos/Videos/ Web Management & Design

Professional 6month-5 year PLAN tailored to your personal situation: 20,000-1,000,000 6months – 5years


If you don’t  love sucking dick, fucking, facials, cum in your mouth, all while being videotaped don’t bother.

About me, I am not a super model but I have been told I am easy on the eyes, just an average mixed lightskin black male. In my 30s still pass for 20s, 5’10 slim build, mixed black white light skin, long hair, easy on the eyes been told I resemble prince, bizzy bone, ice t, stephen curry,  pretty much every light skin male with long hair lol, I don’t think I look like any of them but it’s what I’ve been told. You should never choose MANagement based on looks but if light skin men with long hair are your type that’s me. Very laid back attitude,  mostly a homebody been there done that. Hopefully you may or may not have picked up on my sense of humor. No I don’t think I am the shit, No I don’t think me or any part of me deserves to be worshiped. I just don’t like to lie or sugar coat things. The industry is what it is. My roof, my rules, you are free to take the information freely provided and run with it. I wish everyone the best success trust me there is plenty to go around.

I just know what works for me and believe it or not there are lots of women out here who love to please a cock if your not one of them oh well. I don’t expect anyone to just move in and everything go according to plan. The 1st 30 days is a trial boot camp of sorts. I can provide a room and all necessities for 30 days at a hotel. If you need to relocate for a change of scenery we could be a good match. I don’t judge I respect the hustle to the utmost. As long as you are willing to work and film content a few hours a day we wont have any issues. I won’t allow you to mistake my kindness for weakness though, my way or the highway. Everyday of work is at least a $300 investment for me that ads up and I am willing to wait because I know it can take a few weeks to get things going, but if you don’t work filming content I can’t recoup and I don’t throw money away.

It takes me approx 3-9 months to recoup from most 15 minute scenes. I can legitimately flip a few hundred dollars faster then that a few hundred different ways none of them is as fun nor will they continue to pay me 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10……..years down the line for life. Content is king and that is what I seek someone to shoot lots of content with over the next few years.

No you won’t start off at the Ritz most likely an extended stay especially if I am putting up all the investment. If you can’t handle 30 days in a hotel filming content daily. You won’t make it in the adult industry. If you do last 30 days and we get along you have your choice of a few cities and a nice upscale condo or in a vegas strip hotel . I split time between 3 cities but do travel no i’m not rich but I manage : ). Everyone’s  situation is different so if you are thinking long term about this please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns and we can try to come up with a mutually beneficial solution. This started as a hobby and am just looking to expand my passive income streams.

Remember 1

is worth 1000 Basic bitches….



Blowpopz.com also seeks to partner with the following:

If any of these terms below describes you feel free to contact us. We love you all. If you can’t tell this is an oral themed site for the most part. If you don’t love cum, dick, and balls all over your face and in your mouth I probably won’t have work for you. So please love it also. Just trying to be honest, It’s all about the Return On Investment (ROI).




Porn Performers:

Cock Worshipers:

Blow Job Queens:

Professional Head Doctors:

Deep Throat Specialists:

Swallow Sluts:

BlowBang Bukkake  Pros:

Cum Queens:

Cum Dumps:

Cum Buckets:

Facial Freaks:

Gobbling Gaggers:

Throat Gaggers:

GangBang Pros:

3 Hole Pros:

Ball Lickers:

Glory Hole Girls:

Pleasure Dome:

Titty Fuck Models:

Big Fucking Tits:

Itty Bitty Titties:

Hand Job Honeys:

Web Cam Performers:


24/7 Lifestyle Subs:

Slaves looking for a collar:

Oral Servitude:

Tied Up Tramps:

Tag My Bitch Graffiti Subs:

Masked Avengers:

Blindfolded Bitches:

Handcuffed Hoes:

Sugar Babies:

Anal Riders:

Ass To Mouth:

Week of 18th Birthday models:

Dick Slappers:

Solo Toy Enthusiasts.

Live Sex Show Participants:

Bi Sexual Women:

Lactating Lovelies:

Pregnant Beauties:



Tubby Trains:





Booty Hole Lickers:

Public Bathroom Skanks:

Toilet Tramps:

Potty Mouths:

Pour Champagne On A Bitch:

Submissive Sluts:

Bored Housewives:

Dirty Nasty Whores:


any female adult looking to invest & profit from adult entertainment.

Please be “normal”, average looking no major disfigurements, scars, etc, any ethnicity, all sizes welcome just be clean and drama free Bi-sexual preferred disease free and over 18, also those with prior experience appreciated (dancer,escort,etc) as you already should know about the scams and the fakes.

If you can not handle being called derogatory terms this position is not for you, you have to have thick skin as this business comes with a lot of haters. It’s 2010 step you knowledge up a level and get competent management. We don’t know each other yet so it’s not my fault your’e broke.

BlowPopz.com is an amateur site we are looking for more FEMALE talent to join the team.

This is the cock you will worship on film.

This is an amateur site please watch the free videos to get a feel for what we are looking for along with the male talent you will be working/spending time with, and if you are not camera shy, over 18 and ready to go we can start filming today and have videos, pix, and your info online within 24-48 hours to start branding your own name.

You must have 3-5 years to dedicate to filming adult content. Anyone that tells you this is easy or quick is lying to you. Don’t be fooled. It is a long hard grind but in 3- 5 years you can easily have 300,000- 500,000 dollars plus, but it is a full time job, you will be expected to relocate to another city in a few months and you must not mind living in nice hotels from time to time or travel. Once you are selected we will film content everyday and eventually you will have daily live web cam shows once you have a fan base.

If you commit for 3-5 years, You get 50% of all dvds, all web memberships, all sales and services, you can be up and running by this weekend with a 24/7 web presence showcasing your skills and building your brand. If you decide this is not for you you will receive a copy of your DVDs and you may sell them on your own however you wish. But I cannot guarantee 50% if you do not contribute content regularly for a long period of time. It takes a large amount of content to be successful, a few shoots or scenes will not make you a lot of money. This is not a pay for scene arrangement your free to go elsewhere and get $300-1000 for a scene and never own it again or film content and sell just 100 copies of your DVD or Website memberships and make the same amount, with a lifetime to sell more. 100 copies a year is $1,000 a year for life that number can be greater or smaller its all what YOU put into it you are your own product. We retain 51% of your rights, you get 49% and we allow you to sell the content we film together however you please whether your still shooting content for us or not.

All editing, publishing and duplication of your brand and videos is done in house. Everyday busloads of women go to Chatsworth California (where 90% of porn is filmed) and dream of making big in the adult film world, you can easily make $20,000 in your first month but be aware you will own none of your content and after a month your value and rates go down as your not new anymore and theirs a another “new” girl ready to take your place. Many girls quit real early in their career or turn to abusive relationships or drugs. BlowPopz.com does not condone any hard drug use, and you always have your free will to do whatever you want with whoever you want and to walk away at any time. Please think long about this decision there will be sexually explicit images of you online, on print, on DVD forever you can never get these images back once they are out there. This is a career choice.

BlowPopz.com will work with you to maximize earnings and diversify your passive revenue streams but it is a TEAM effort. Once you leave the TEAM you are on your own.

We do not believe in fine or small print. We do not sell dreams or make false promises. Everything is explained to the best of our ability. If you are willing to do the work you will be rewarded if your looking for quick fast easy money, there is no such thing unless you count the lottery. In real life great things are not easy, it takes a plan, and a close circle of friends that have your best interests at heart. We are trying to build brands and make millions PERIOD.

Please fill out form or contact to expedite consideration:

So you want to be a PORN PERFORMER?

First, you need to SERIOUSLY think about if this is something you really want. DO NOT get into adult films for the money…you will regret it because if money is your only drive, you will end up with nothing in the end and you will be turning tricks for $100. Porn is not something you can ever erase. Once that first camera starts rolling, you are out there for the whole world to see, FOREVER! Do your research, get online and do as much Googling as possible. 1 Porn video might as well be 1000 videos so if you gonna do it, DO IT. Because it’s out there.

Porn sex is NOT guaranteed safe sex! You are required to be tested every 30 days in order to film and that is industry standard. However, it is still very possible and very likely that you can contract chlamydia/gonorrhea or even herpes and HIV. You have to be aware that this is a risk you take filming adult movies. Bacteria and yeast infections occur daily and lock jaw is something you learn to live with.

Sex on camera IS NOT like sex in real life. It is exhausting, dirty, and often times demeaning. You will work for companies that ask you to do things you have never heard of. Sometimes, you are on set for 6-8 hours. You are doing model poses in 6 inch heels, often times covered in baby oil. You are under very hot lights and you are working harder than you would with a 2 hour cardio workout. Your pussy gets sore and your body has permanent bruises from fucking on railings, counter tops, and cement.

Money is good, but it comes very fast and tends to go even faster. You can make anywhere from $300-$2000/scene depending on WHAT you are doing and WHO you are doing it for. (thousands and up usually entails anal and multiple men(gang bangs, dps, degradation etc.) You don’t always get paid cash right away, sometimes you are on payroll like a “regular” job…usually payroll means “we will pay you whenever we feel like it.” It costs a LOT of money to maintain being a pro pornstar…wardrobe, hair, nails, tanning, makeup, personal trainer, etc. So, you may be making $10k/month, but you are usually spending $3-5k just to keep up your appearance. If you are a shop-a-holic, this is not the job for you because you will end up broke very quick and you will turn to cheap prostitution. If you enjoy the club life style and partying you won’t make either, I know all this sounds boring but it’s REAL no one gets a million dollars by not sacrificing, being disciplined and putting in the work. If you can’t step away from the influences of your friends/family for a few years and shoot and work virtually everyday you’re just wasting time. Sure you can also enjoy it, that is the point but you have to make that solid foundation first.

If you go to LA, Miami, NY for “pro” companies, you will get none of your video rights so you will NEVER own the content you shoot. The “pro” companies you shoot for are behind most of the free tubes sites anyways, they OWN your content they get paid fucking you at both ends literally on your dvd content, website content, and tube site ad revenue releasing your shit for free. If you want to get more bookings they will require you to “recruit” new girls to get into the biz or they will book you less and less.



Info on Pro companies owning tube sites along with revenues down 50-80%.

If you don’t have thick skin, don’t even think about porn. As a pornstar, the whole world thinks you are disgusting scum even though most people watch it and fantasy about doing it. Most men only want to speak to you because they think you are gonna give them a BJ and swallow the whole nut. You will lose a lot of friends and your family will more than likely disown you. The public will eat you alive….you will get hate mail and read things on the internet that will bring you to tears. You have to take the good with the bad…its not always a glamorous life…for every 20 people that love you, there are 20 that hate you regardless of what you do in life, but since it’s 2009 and most of your business will be online the anonymity of the web brings the haters out, they will say things to you on forums and emails that they would never say in person. they will slander you and spread lies. They are hypocrites because they obviously watch porn if their commenting or spending their time contacting porn stars but that’s besides the point.

Or you can just take the amateur route, there is less piracy (you can google any pros name and watch all the free clips you want or enter their name in a torrent search and enjoy for free) , no heavy makeup, no airbrushing, the pro market is losing its market share as more and more men turn to the amateur stuff because the pro stuff is so fake. You get to own your content and own the rights to all your videos. You can work at your own pace and choose who you shoot with (while pros have a choice when shooting scene a lot of times they don’t know who they will work with and they have to listen to the director if you don’t he will tell other directors and you start to get less work)

You build your fanbase and go from there. You can be a big fish in a little pond or a little fish in a big pond, almost 90% of the pro porn in the US is shot in porn valley (chatsworth CA) there are about 1200 working pros that you have to compete with daily and they all are pretty much willing to do everything from the start. There are girls who do the “porn commute” meaning they will fly in for a few weeks or months at a time, then go back to where they live along with the hundreds that get of the bus everyday most don’t last a month and the average porn “career” is less than a year. Most women do regret it. You have to pace yourself on what you do on film, if you put everything out at once whats left to the imagination. You don’t start the anal, gangbanging stuff at first, you start slow, keep your fans wanting more, keep a list of what your fans want most then when the roller coaster of life is slowing down and you do decide to go anal or group you can get more.

1 out of 1000 girls will really make it in porn. So think about it. If it was so easy everybody would be doing it. There are women who have been in the industry for decades and still have nothing to show for it. Ladies if you’ve been in the adult entertainment business for a year or longer and you still have nothing to show for it, time for new management times a tickin’ whatever your niche Top Notch Management knows how to profit from it.

We are and will stay an amateur company, you will get your video rights and our goals are 500-1000 fans in 3-5 years time. You do the math 200 people giving you $10 a month sky is the limit if you put in the work.

95% of “porn stars” do privates (or escort) on the side or use porn to market them selves to be a feature dancer at a strip club, a lot won’t admit it but ask anyone in the industry or do a little research and you can find out for yourself.

Porn is not recession proof at all. Anyone who states that, is just lying trying to sell you dreams. Ask any porn actress’ in the valley if they are booking as many scenes per month as they were a few years ago. Truth is they are getting half the amount of scenes booked and being offered less on their rates. Are there a handful who constantly get work of course but your chances of becoming a contract girl are far from achievable. Big companies that used to put out 3-5 titles a month are now putting out 1 if 2 titles.

If you don’t think you have the appeal or skills to sell 100 copies of your video, porn is not for you, with Blowpopz.com if you sell 100 videos @ $10 you get $500 that is what you could possibly make doing 1 pay per scene with no rights but that’s it no more and you own no rights. At Blowpopz.com you get that $500 and a lifetime to sell more of your videos, while it might not sound like much if you get 100 people giving you $20 a month that’s $2000 per month and it scales up the harder you work, and the more content you produce.

No woman wants to be an escort or porn performer in to their 30s-4os any woman who says they dreamed of that as a child is delusional and made all the wrong decisions or had the wrong management. No matter how much you enjoy sex or performing for others, this should be seen as a means to an end a stepping stone to your future. 3-5 years of hard work and dedication can equal a lifetime of passive income (money does the work for you). The older you get the less valuable you become in this industry those are just the facts. Whatever reason you decided to go this route is the past you’ve made the decision all you have to do now is do it right. Because if you make the wrong decision you’ll get all the negative effects and none of the spoils. If your just starting into your 30s times tickin….


You should factor in a lot of different things when deciding your gift. Appearance, environment, attitude, health care, security, marketing, and most important risk factor, this is a path that in the future can lead to you not getting married, a certain job or promotion even a criminal record if you don’t know what you are doing.

Marriage Market Potential If your an independent or in a relationship woman who doesn’t make their money in the adult entertainment business congratulations, If your a housewife or soccer mom servicing your husband a few times a year for shelter, vehicle, utilities, shopping expenses congratulations. If you prefer to watch and let your children watch the most unnatural acts (like murder, rape, torture, kidnapping, suicide) a human can perform on TV, Radio, Video Games, Real Life News just check your local listings. Some of us enjoy watching and performing the most natural acts a human can perform. Just ask your man about Blowpopz with a Z : ) Blowpopz are as valuable as a million gallons of oil spewing forth into the ocean, Blowpopz are just as crucial to the world spinning as well ask Bill Clinton, plus every woman owns an oil well. What’s my point? Stop being a HYPOCRITE and enjoy YOUR life we do.

Appearance: Background in pix can be very telling. Any man with common sense can tell your not making any money if the background looks like a motel 6 or that you live in poverty, if those are the type of clients you seek fine, but we’re not on that, we’re about escaping poverty. Along with dilated pupils and cheap clothes. If your not on meth or crack Take $400 buy you a decent 5MP camera or better for $99.99, take a trip to Victoria’s Secret, get you a manny/peddi/ hair did, and rent a room at an upscale hotel on a high floor and take some decent pix. Manny/Peddis and Victoria’s Secret should be at least a monthly expense.  They don’t have to be Pro pix but any successful man who sees crappy/dirty pix is going look right over you or low ball you, plus you can’t show up looking like your airbrushed/photoshopped pic, avoid them because the client is gonna be disappointed, & disappointed client means no repeat. I mean you are charging $100+ an hour I hope, if you don’t invest in yourself no one will. You don’t have $400? whoa time for new management that really sucks, with TopNotch Management Group we most likely invest that into you on the 1st day.

Environment: Alright ladies take some time to clean your room, make sure your po unedumacated pimp isn’t in the reflection, buy some drapes instead of sheets for curtains, run a vacuum, etc I think you get the point. You want to make hundreds an hour act like you at least have a hundred dollars to your name. If you can’t keep your room/home clean how can you keep your body clean?

Attitude: So your only in it for the money, back was against the wall found yourself in a bad situation, your man beats you or keeps you supplied with drugs and pills?

If you get into adult entertainment and your only drive is money YOU will fail you must have a passion for it and a long term plan. This Is a BUSINESS 1st.

The vast majority of women who actually succeed in this business are natural born nymphomaniacs, they need cock 24 7 365 don’t even care whats attached to it, dick is how they get high. Money to them is gravy on the potatoes, hot sauce on the chicken, it makes a great thing better, if no money was involved they would be doing it free, but they get older, learn most men are lying, disrespectful assholes anyway, and decide to put some change in their purse for their time and BS they have to deal with. Trust me whether on camera or behind closed doors it shows if you truly are into it, and want to be there or not.


This business is way more mental than physical, any woman over 18 can suck or ride a dick. There is no physical difference in fucking or sucking 1 dick 1000 times or 1000 dicks once. Please take into consideration that once you leave this business you may never be the same mentally. There is a high level of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) in the industry, yes the same PTSD that soldiers suffer from. Many women come out of this industry hating men. You will have fans from all walks of life politicians, athletes, actors, policemen, firemen, lawyers, doctors, business owners, professors, lots of married men…… what truly seperates those that succeed from those that fail is mental toughness and maturity,  this is not some fairy tale or the movie Pretty Woman. If you want a million dollars or want to retire in less than 5 years you will have to consider that you have to deal with over 1000 dicks. People Lie Numbers Don’t.

Health Care: Lets be real way over half your clients are married, you give them something their not coming back for more and repeat business is the life line of any successful venture. Depending on where you are located a complete exam can run up to $400 so factor in the few hours a month and the few hundred you spend making your product the safest and healthiest product it can be.

Security: A cute pink taser is $300 comes in handy, pepper spray works, but the buddy system works best get good management, implement good screening techniques, day time hours are safest and most profitable. The druggies come out and work at night let them deal with the pervs.

Appearance: Ladies if you don’t have any tattoos at this moment DO NOT get one. This is the difference between those that are short sited and those that have long term plans and goals.  Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with tattoos I actually recommend them AFTER you retire from the biz.

First they are identifiable evidence you won’t look anything like you did in your 30s, 40s, 50s,60,70s,80s,90s,100s that you did when you were 18-23 (Your Most Valuable years in adult business) or later 20s (Most Profitable do to experience).

Second identifiable also = can be used as evidence

Third girls next door don’t have tattoos, noting wrong with women who look like whores and sluts (and no I’m not saying tattoos make women look like whores and sluts they can be artistic and professional you know who you are) but girls next door blend in and can fly easier under the radar. Business wise I would also assume that on average no tattoos earns more. I know I pay more. All men love a queen in the streets but a freak in the sheet.

Fourth when all you friends are 23  worrying about student loans, their bills, and starting a 50 year career in this current market to pay for their student loans and bills…..and your purchasing real estate, traveling, making your money work for you, and enjoying life, you can always get that tattoo when asked you’ve had it since you’ve been 18 and it was never you because one fact  of life is people age.

If you do have tattoos get them professionally done, no pool chalk, pen ink, stoves, and lighters sorry. They are representative of you and last a life time.

Marketing: These days you almost have to start on the street walking websites, no need to list them here you know what they are. If you travel and just starting off they can be crucial to get the word out, you gotta go where the traffic is, at the same time 90% of these sites ads and repliers are fake so be prepared for a lot of time wasting, wannabe or fake pimps, possible entrapment scenarios, and game players. If you start out marketing on the street walker sites and find yourself still posting on them 6 months later with not much more savings than you started you’re  failing, time to rethink the strategy and figure out what your doing wrong to still be on the same level as junkies and sex slaves.

Street walkers earn 1/20th of what a Pro makes, so they most likely don’t have websites and other tools necessary to be a professional.  But if you don’t have a basic website(real or front)….. um you’re a street walker on the circuit. If that’s what you want fine, but really a website does not cost the much, your spending a lot more posting ads, it don’t have to be flashy and if you doing this part time, you’ll never make real money anyway. If you don’t have business cards and or a website with your info on it your not a PRO so invest the $50 those things cost lol. Short quickie appointments are for regulars not 1st timers.

Risk Factor: Your taking all the risk, it’s the women who get caught up in the entrapment schemes and legal fees, a client is not gonna bail you out, or pay any of your fees, it’s not going on his record. 1st thing he is going to do is distance himself from you, 10 years from now if you want a career your client doesn’t care that you took all these risks to please him and now you have a scarlet letter branding you that can hamper future endeavors, factor this in when determining your gifts. I personally think no woman should charge less the $200 per hour or be without a money market account, but lets be real a lot are being forced and you don’t want to try and compete with those racing to the bottom. You determine your own worth and stick too it, things take time. The cream always rises to the top.

It can be lonely at the top. RELATIONSHIPS:

Porn can also be more addictive then drugs, you have to take in consideration future relationships, if you seek marriage and a family in the future, it’s not a secret that a relationship can last on, very few men and women can handle or settle down with someone who has a porn past.

You don’t want to break the bank when starting off but general consensus is that quality models earn more and have less drama then quantity models. We all have to start somewhere, just remember you can always go up but a lot off  “hobbyists” are bottom feeders once they see you start to offer lower rates they will wait you out. Your goal as an Independent should be 10 regulars once you achieve this amount which realistically can take up to 6 months to a year you gradually increase your rates until another 10 join your team and so on. Video is also a great way to increase your rates just one video showcasing your skill set can equal $100-300+ on you hourly rate. Instead of $200 an hour videos can grant you $400 or more.

We specialize with working with damaged careers, we can turn you $50 girls into $300 girls in as little as 6 months. Only if you willing to put in the work and effort it takes.

LADIES good management doesn’t come from reciting tricking rappers lyrics or by reading books written in the 60’s & 70s. All those rappers trick off and are mostly broke and the writers of those books all went to jail and have nothing. IT’S 2010. If he can barely read and he still lives and visits the slums, he can’t get you to the next level PERIOD. If you see more boarded up crack houses then manicured lawns you are in the wrong environment.  If he doesn’t  know what series 7 certification is, he can’t manage money. If he spends your hard earned money on liabilities like motorcycle parts, gold teeth, rims, stereo equipment, drugs, strip clubs, & 1star motel rooms, instead of on assets like property and securities THAT’S NOT MANAGEMENT. If you are 1 or more years into the adult entertainment BUSINESS and still have nothing to show for it, or know you cant do it alone, It’s time to relocate and hire new management.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.


Get your 1st 10 regulars with a great get out of your current situation by whatever means necessary undercut the rest rates, bump your rate up $50 get 10 more clients at that rate, bump your rate up $50 get 10 more clients at that rate, keep repeating till your comfortable kicking your 1st 10 cheap ass clients to the curb. After your first year you shouldn’t have to take anymore for the team and can pick and choose your clients. 1st year is the hardest you’re probably really not in a situation to pick & choose and you may have to entertain men that make you sick mentally and physically but that is the price of success if you want things you never had you have to do things you’ve never did (don’t worry most of them don’t last but a few minutes anyways). It will get greater later and eventually if you have any intelligence at all eventually you will be able to pick and choose which means having mutually beneficial fun with those would want to be with. Don’t run specials, discounts, coupons or whatever the fuck walmart type bottom feeder customers thrive on. Cream rises (key word rises doesn’t start) at the top.

And for all the haters, there are always exceptions to the rule. If the shoe don’t fit don’t lace it up, if you mad kick rocks. Truth Hurts

TopNotch sets you free.

Make A Plan then make it happen.

Our goal is in 3-5 years time YOU have 10-20 years of passive revenue & OWN property outright.

Never plead guilty or except the plea ALWAYS PLEAD NOT GUILTY AND GO TO TRIAL.

Represent yourself until the trial date(the date you have to show up and the case is tried in front of a jury) to save money.

The only thing you need to say up until that point is NOT GUILTY

You only need the lawyer for that day. If you followed the RULES of ONLY SAY 3 THINGS to law enforcement, you will win the case.

The only 3 things you EVER have to say to a law enforcement official is.

1. Am I free to go?

2. Am I under arrest?

3. May I speak with an attorney?

Don’t say anything else without your lawyer present and they will have no case.

Be polite and respectful, they are going to take you to jail anyway don’t make it worse by talking to them, they are not your friends.


If a person tries to solicit you or engage in discussions of money for sex while on an modeling/escorting/or companionship gig ask them to leave. They have to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that you broke the law when 9 times out of 10 they did. The burden of proof is on them not YOU. Stop taking plea bargins the reason they target escorts is because a lot make it easy on them.

Remember they work for you, you are only required to say 3 things to law enforcement. Know your rights. Be polite, respectful and keep your mouth shut.

The only 3 things you EVER have to say to a law enforcement official is.

1. Am I free to go?

2. Am I under arrest?

3. May I speak with an attorney?

Don’t say anything else without a lawyer present and they will have no case.



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2011 Update

Ladies if you want to actually make money in adult video you need lots of content, if you want passive revenue in adult video you need at least 6 months of content. There are about 20 women in LA, 20 women in Miami, & 20 women in NY who can get booked for pay per scenes on a constant basis(1 or more times per week). You are not going to find someone to pay you per scene on a daily basis, the only way to get enough content to be profitable is to shoot it yourself on almost a daily basis. This does not have to be with me I am not the only stunt cock on the planet, it can be with your significan other boyfriend or girlfriend, but fact of the matter is you need to update a site daily for months before your site & brand will take off. 15 minutes a day is 1 hour and 45 minutes a week with a dick in your mouth that is the bare minimum PERIOD if you can not do that YOU WILL FAIL. Now you could always do an hour of content a day which would be like putting almost a weeks worth of content in the can everyday if you are a real hustler. Anyhoo again just trying to let you know what the biz is about it is work but numbers don’t lie. Without content, without updates you FAIL it is as simple as that. if you think you will find someone to book you on a daily or weekly basis for pay per scenes good luck with that. I’m interested in partnering with women who have long term goals and want to actually OWN their content.  When you do pay per scene you do not own any of the video nor to you get paid from any dvd or web sales so once you blow through your $300-$3000 dollars that’s it meanwhile 10 years from now someone else will still be profiting of the video you performed in. #JustSoYouKnow Every woman who has made more than $100,000 dollars in the porn biz has either sucked over 1000 DiXXX or has has a dick in her mouth for 1000 hours on camera. THIS IS A FACT. Please don’t be delusional and understand what this business is.


Ladies you have to make the decision on whether you want love or money, a boyfriend/man or financial independence because porn & relationships rarely work it will just be an obstacle in your path. Porn needs to be treated like the military, law or medical school. Military is a 4 year minimum do your four years you come out with a little money and hopefully a better more disciplined person. Law school is usually 3 years and that’s after 4 years of regular college so before you can charge clients 100+ per hour you have 4-7 years of student loans to pay back not to mention the time. Med school is usually 8 years after 4 years of college they make the big money but make the big sacrifice they also have to pay back hundreds of thousands in student loans and work 18 hour days for years trying to get there. The point I am trying to make whatever life decision you make is it takes discipline and sacrifice. In 3-5 years you will be financially secure, you will own property, business’, have employees, be able to travel start over and then find your man or happiness. If you shoot a minimum 2 hours per week with your partner of choice you can upload a new 10-15 minute scene EVERYDAY and have tons of content. Lawyers, Doctors, Military have to work a lot more than 2 hours per week and whatever your currently doing is more likely 20-40+ hours per week. But every time you quit you have to start all over again building that fan base just like when a lawyer or doctor quits they can’t practice law or medicine so no 100+ per hour. So forget the loser boyfriends, forget the drunk drug party club nights, forget the shopping sprees, spending money you don’t have or you just got, forget the friends and family that will only hold you back and find a big dick to pop in your mouth on the regular because that’s what porn is. When you join the military you leave friends and family behind for years and only see them on occasion, when going off to law or medical school usually you also leave friends and family behind and don’t have time to see them regularly. Name every famous rich female porn star and refer to my 2011 update EVERYONE of them has had 1000 dixxx in their mouth or 1000 hours of dick in their mouth on video PERIOD. So be realistic. The first 6 months will be the hardest treat this like the work that it is and you will succeed.

#Discipline #Sacrifice #Loyalty #Goals #Plans
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