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Model Etiquette

How old are you? That’s right we’re all adults so 1st thing 1st no playing on the phone.

Only call a model when you have the appropriate gift for her ready.

The second a man or woman solicits me or brings up any inappropriate discussions of sex I will terminate all conversations, and immediately end, cancel, & leave (or ask you to leave) appointment. All payments received will be null & void. Under no circumstances do I offer any quid pro quo arrangements.

No blocked/private numbers, no texts(unless she agrees you can), no rude, inappropriate/sexual questions. They do not run a phone sex chat.

They don’t want to be phone friends, They want to meet in REAL life, they are professional models who offer their time to professional beneficent men. They want to make new REAL friends and develop Mutually Beneficial & Rewarding relationships with gentlemen that appreciate their time.

Never inquire about gifts, services, or acts PERIOD. You will be hung up on, asked to leave, and blacklisted. It is illegal to solicit a woman for sex. So save yourself the trouble. If you don’t have the means to bestow gifts on a model for her time or admiration, find another hobby or find another model to admire.

Google Voice FREE gives you a new phone number that can forward to your cellphone (no more having to give your direct number out),  and lets you manage all your calls online (listen and respond, even text message), it also can transcribe your voice messages and send them to your email or via text message, and MOST important lets you BLOCK all the time wasters/game players/perverts/losers/rude/lame/stalker/no showers phone numbers with one click, next time they call after you block them they hear a message that sounds like your number is disconnected. No more spending hours of your day wasting time with people who play on the phone. Spend those hours perfecting your craft for your serious clients.

Models will only discuss time and place over the phone or in person. Nothing Else.

You are only bestowing gifts to the models for their time, as it is valuable, absolutely nothing else is implied, contracted for, or guaranteed to happen. Models have the right to turn down and cancel any appointment for any reason what so ever.

Now with that being said, whatever may or may not happen behind closed doors is between two or more consenting adults.

A proper phone conversation if you decide to call should go something like this:

“Hi, this is INSERT NAME HERE, I would like to book an appointment for INSERT TIME AND DATE HERE.”

Nothing more nothing less, the model will let you know when and where she is free.

When you arrive a gentleman should always have his gifts inside a greeting card inside an unsealed envelope, ready to be placed on the table (if you can’t take the time to stop at any corner store or gas station to pick up a current holiday or friendship greeting card to ensure a mutually beneficial appointment together don’t bother calling). Then ask if you can use the shower to freshen up.

In 2007 please understand a lot of  Top Notch Pros appreciate gentlemen that can gift in advance, plan in advance (1 day or more), and even offer discounts for those who do via regular credit/debit card, paypal, and certain pre-paid gift cards AMEX.

Look For the “Top Notch Pro”  This model accepts PayPal Credit/Debit/Gift Cards in advance for a discountin their ad for BlowPopz models who are verified honest and offer this convenience.

If model does not have a rate, just assume it’s at least 200 for the hour before you call.

Short visits are for regulars. Don’t inquire about them unless clearly posted.
____ad copy

In my REAL LIFE I am a model/escort/companion who has a manager/agent/lawyer.  In my online life I am a amateur porn performer who has a manager/agent/lawyer.  This is the escort section I am NOT a prostitute nor do I have a pimp.

I do not answer any questions everything you need to know about me is in this post or on my website. I will not discuss contents of this post/website via email/chat/over the phone/verbally or in person PERIOD.

I do not answer or entertain sexually explicit questions. I do not discuss any services offered. I am a model/escort/companion/amateur porn performer.

Do not solicit me. Do not try to entrap me. Do not try to talk me into having sex or performing sexual acts. I don’t discuss it I hang up or ask you to leave so congratulations on wasting valuable time.

By contacting me for booking you understand you are gifting for my time ONLY. Nothing is implied, contracted for or guaranteed to happen. I do not offer sex. I offer my time for select modeling, escorting, and companion opportunities. If you violate any of my terms by trying to engage in discussions of money for sex via email, over the phone, or in person I reserve the right to discontinue contact with you and end our appointment. No means no, and get out means get out. We don’t talk about fight club PERIOD.

Whatever may or may not happen behind closed doors is between two or more consenting adults. You can spend your time with me out at a restaurant, bar, club, casino, theater, park, golf course, bowling alley, or we can converse in my room watching a movie getting to know one another, if you want me to model some outfits I’m also cool with that, last time I checked these were all legal activities. Just act like a gentleman and treat me like a lady.

2 hour minimum for new clients, I am available for 250 gifts for an hour of my time 400 gifts for 2 hours. I do not offer time for print. I do not sign model releases outside of my own website. So if booking for modeling you will not be able to share, sell, release, make public, or profit from any pix or vidz you take of me.

♥ Gifts must be bestowed in advance.

♥ You must come to my location to meet me.

♥ I do not do same day appointments. Minimum 24 hours advance notice.

♥ I never book more then 1 client per day.

♥ 7 days per week 7am-7pm after 7pm-7am is for loyal fans.

♥ Outcalls are for loyal fans.

♥ 15-30 minute appointments are for loyal fans.

♥ VIP treatment is for loyal fans.

♥ 1st timers must book minimum 2 hours.

♥ Loyal fans, means you have spent  more then 3 hours with me in REAL life.

♥ I am available for travel for 250 per Diem plus round trip airfare(I only fly 1st class), on top of my hourly gift request. When traveling I book my own airfare and hotel If you need a specific hotel please request it.

Currently Located

If you don’t want to meet me in real life, join my website fan club, look at my pix, and watch vidz of me having fun living life.

a person or thing that serves as a subject for an artist, sculptor, writer, etc.
a person whose profession is posing for artists or photographers.
a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising.



a group of persons, or a single person, accompanying another or others for protection, guidance, or courtesy: An escort of sailors accompanied the queen.


a person employed to accompany, assist, or live with another in the capacity of a helpful friend.
a person who is frequently in the company of, associates with, or accompanies another


One who directs a business or other enterprise

a person or business authorized to act on another’s behalf
a person or thing that acts or has the power to act


a person whose profession is to represent clients in a court of law or to advise or act for clients in other legal matters

a fee paid to secure services, as of a lawyer.

a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money

a person, esp. a man, who solicits customers for a prostitute or a brothel, usually in return for a share of the earnings

to offer to have sex with in exchange for money
to seek to influence or incite to action, esp. unlawful or wrong action.


The only 3 things you EVER say to a law enforcement official is.
1. Am I free to go?
2. Am I under arrest?
3. May I speak with an attorney?
Don’t say anything without your lawyer present and they will have no case.
If a person tries to solicit you or engage in discussions of money for sex while on an modeling/escorting/or companionship gig ask them to leave.


A person is ‘entrapped’ when he is induced or persuaded by law enforcement officers or their agents to commit a crime that he had no previous intent to commit; and the law as a matter of policy forbids conviction in such a case.

However, there is no entrapment where a person is ready and willing to break the law and the Government agents merely provide what appears to be a favorable opportunity for the person to commit the crime. For example, it is not entrapment for a Government agent to pretend to be someone else and to offer, either directly or through an informer or other decoy, to engage in an unlawful transaction with the person. So, a person would not be a victim of entrapment if the person was ready, willing and able to commit the crime charged in the indictment whenever opportunity was afforded, and that Government officers or their agents did no more than offer an opportunity.

On the other hand, if the evidence leaves a reasonable doubt whether the person had any intent to commit the crime except for inducement or persuasion on the part of some Government officer or agent, then the person is not guilty.

In slightly different words: Even though someone may have [sold sex], as charged by the government, if it was the result of entrapment then they are not guilty. Government agents entrapped them if three things occurred:

First, the idea for committing the crime came from the government agents and not from the person accused of the crime.

– Second, the government agents then persuaded or talked the person into committing the crime. Simply giving him the opportunity to commit the crime is not the same as persuading him to commit the crime.

– And third, the person was not ready and willing to commit the crime before the government agents spoke with him.

On the issue of entrapment the government must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was not entrapped by government agents.

If you have children, Never mention you have children to Law Enforcement. They will try to use it against you. Remember they work for you, you are only required to say 3 things to law enforcement. Know your rights. Be polite, respectful and keep your mouth shut.

In Short:
Police CAN, WILL, & ARE ALLOWED TO LIE TO YOU, you on the other hand cannot lie to police, so only say the 3 things you can say. Don’t consent to any searches or tests without an attorney present.

Know your rights.
Did You know “a prostitute is more likely to have sex with a cop(Read: be raped by a cop, its not like they choose to its jail or have sex with him) then arrested by one.” Who are
the real criminals? Rapists or Adult Entertainers?Reading is fundamental.

An Empirical Analysis of Street-Level Prostitution 2007 University Of Chicago


Bill Of Rights
Declaration Of Independence
Emancipation Proclamation

Good Reads:



From Online MBA, comes a stunning infographic that presents some mind blowing statistics about online pornography, from its prevalence to its popularity to who consumes what and when.

A few highlights:

  • A full 12% of websites on the net are pornographic.
  • A quarter of search engine queries (around 68 million a day) are related to porn.
  • The top pornography-related search terms are “sex,” “adult dating,” and “porn.” There are some 116,000 searches for “child pornography” daily.
  • Sunday is the most popular day for viewing porn online. Thanksgiving day the least popular day.
  • The “average age at which a child first sees porn online is 11.”
  • Twenty percent of men and 13% of women say they have watched porn online while at w

internet porn stats

Never plead guilty or except the plea ALWAYS PLEAD NOT GUILTY AND GO TO TRIAL.

Represent yourself until the trial date(the date you have to show up and the case is tried in front of a jury) to save money.
The only thing you need to say up until that point is NOT GUILTY

You only need the lawyer for that day. If you followed the RULES of ONLY SAY 3 THINGS to law enforcement, you will win the case.

The only 3 things you EVER have to say to a law enforcement official is.

1. Am I free to go?
2. Am I under arrest?
3. May I speak with an attorney?

Don’t say anything else without your lawyer present and they will have no case.

Be polite and respectful, they are going to take you to jail anyway don’t make it worse by talking to them, they are not your friends. Don’t engage in small talk don’t say anything become mute unless it’s those 3 sayings KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

If a person tries to solicit you or engage in discussions of money for sex while on an modeling/escorting/or companionship gig ask them to leave. They have to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that you broke the law when 9 times out of 10 they did. The burden of proof is on them not YOU.

Stop taking plea bargains the reason they target escorts is because a lot make it easy for them by accepting pleas or pleading no contest.

Remember they work for you, you are only required to say 3 things to law enforcement. Know your rights. Be polite, respectful and keep your mouth shut.

The only 3 things you EVER have to say to a law enforcement official is.

1. Am I free to go?
2. Am I under arrest?
3. May I speak with an attorney?

Don’t say anything else without a lawyer present and they will have no case.

Ladies if a government official threatens to arrest you or uses their power to intimidate you to do things against your will, save the condom, save the semen, get some DNA under your nails during the act. When they leave go to the ER and report it as RAPE because that is what it is, then file a lawsuit against the department and the city.

Women you have the POWER to stop corrupt law enforcement but you have to think like them they are trained to collect evidence because that is what is needed for a conviction. NEVER let anyone abuse their power, those type of men are the worst kind of criminals and need to be off the street. You ALWAYS have a right to say NO & pick and choose who you have relations with, do not accept offers from law enforcement for protection in exchange for illegal services, even if they say they will protect you and not entrap you, whenever it serves in their best interest they will turn on you, they have no honor. You will make more from a settlement or lawsuit than modeling/escorting for a year maybe longer. The corrupt official will lose their career, be publicly ashamed and more. A few hours at the hospital will be all the evidence you need and best of all it’s FREE.


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