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For those of you who prefer to be discreet also our preferred method of payment.

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Asset = Something that puts money in your pocket at the end of every month. An Item of value.

Liability = Something that takes money out of your pocket at the end of every month.

We provide all the training, grooming, education, management, booking, marketing, advertising, branding, web management, equipment, notebooks, internet access,  editing, encoding, bandwidth, data storage, retainers, public relations, merchant accounts, travel, housing, etc. all of which is required to become a PRO…..& you thought being a PRO was easy.

You are a liability to us until you become an asset, when you make it to the major leagues is when you become a TopNotch PRO. We are willing to invest in you, Will you invest in yourself? It takes thousands to make thousands. What are you bringing to the table?

Within 24 Hours of choosing Top Notch Management Group you have access to 75% of this Pro Kit Including but not limited to housing and bills. Within 6 months you should have 90%.  Seeking Full Time GOAL oriented disease free women over 18. work.blowpopz.com

What every REAL PRO should have within her reach.


Want to know the amount of each food group you need daily?

Oral Hygiene

Water Bottles

Lip Gloss

Feminine Hygiene

Refrigerate your Norforms

Germs, Wipe Downs, Clean Ups

Keep Kitty Smooth

Safety First
1st time partner(s) or non regular partner(s)must always use a condom 100% of the time even for oral. You do not want partner(s) that don’t appreciate this practice or value their personal or partner(s) health.

HIV is not the only STI that is capable of being transmitted during oral sex.

Transmission of HIV & STIs through oral sex accounts for up to 5-15 % of all cases.

Brushing the teeth, flossing, undergoing dental work, or eating crunchy foods such as chips relatively soon before or after giving Oral sex can also increase the risk of transmission, because all of these activities can cause small scratches in the lining of the mouth. Rinse don’t Brush : )

Semen is primarily water, but contains trace amounts of almost every nutrient the human body uses.

One typical ejaculation contains 150 mg of protein, 11 mg of carbohydrates, 6 mg fat, 3 mg cholesterol, 7% US RDA potassium and 3% US RDA copper and zinc, It has somewhat higher amounts of commonly deficient minerals, such as potassium, magnesium, and selenium.

There is no risk in ingesting the semen of a healthy man. Swallowing semen carries no additional risk other than those inherent in fellatio.

Massage Oil and Lubrication

Candy makes it better….If ya don’t know ya just don’t know.

They tingle on your tongue ; )

Honey Facials once every week place honey on your face 10-15 minutes before you take a shower, or just lick it off a dick I doubt anyone will complain.

Grape Seed Oil Great for skin great crisco alternative ; ) Oiled up so shiny, slippery, and messy…

Air Mattresses, Shower Curtains, Tarps, Pools, Pool Floats, Towels, Sheets, Pole , Stuffed Animals


Knee protection



Checking Accounts PLURAL

Bank of America
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Wachovia Bank
Wells Fargo Bank
U.S. Bank
SunTrust Bank
PNC Bank
Fifth Third Bank
Charter One Bank
Regions Bank


Accepts PrePaid gift Cards

Safety Deposit Box
Personal Mail Box
UPS Store
Mail Boxes Etc.
Merchant Account(s)
PayPal Discreet
Google Checkout
GreenDot MoneyPaks
Amazon Payments
Revolution Card
Money Market Account(s)


501(c)(3) Non Profit….. Single Mothers Education….Fill Truck up every August with school supplies give out. Accept Donations Tax Deductible Receipts
DBA Doing Business As …Mobile Detailing, Property Cleaning, Catering… Gas, Food, Cleaning Supplies, Office Supplies all Tax Deductible save receipts.
REIT Real Estate Investment Trusts
Crummey Trusts

Discreet Business Cards Use Your Imagination. What you whisper in their ear, doesn’t have to match the card as long as the contact info is correct : )

Fan Club Web Site Memberships…Loyal fans get VIP and priority for real life access.

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Las Vegas

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Loyalty Cards
Hilton HHonors
Hyatt Gold Passport
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Priority Club Rewards
Starwood Preferred Guest

If phoning your reservation in ask if they have a travel professional rate you may save up to 20%.

Rental Car
Bing Travel

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This is not our PayPal all gift requests sent via paypal will be discreet.

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ASUS UL30Vt-A1 Notebook

Digital Camera
Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS7 10MP Digital Camera

Magnetic Gorillapod

Video Camera

Cell Phone
Android Device,  google voice, skype, virgin prepaid mifi all in assumed names.

Currently law enforcement has the right to search your phone, this means contacts, messages, etc. But it still requires a warrant (which requires probable cause) to search emails. So try not to use messaging apps, instead bookmark the webpage (Gmail, Google Voice, etc), place the icon on your screen and keep all your contact and correspondence online where you need to log in to access it(make sure the browser is set to delete all login info when you exit out. Also always keep your phone locked this way there is very little information on your mobile device and in worse case scenarios you can or have someone else wipe it remotely if it is confiscated. Get in the habit of keeping all contacts and info in the cloud (internet your email etc) It’s a step that only takes a few extra seconds.


Microsoft Security Essentials
Spybot Search N Destroy
Spyware Blaster
Malware Bytes
CCleaner Slim
Mozilla Firefox
Adobe CS5
Ubuntu Linux
Linux Mint
Office Live Online
Open Office


Pepper Spray Mace



Brazil Butt Lift
Skechers Shape Ups

Skechers Resistance Runner


Hitachi Magic Wand

Online Coupon Codes
Victorias Secret

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Bing Cash Back = BCB

Secrets & SCAMS

OK ladies some things to look out for when looking or replying to adult gigs online.

Please note the vast majority and I’m leaning towards 90% of adult gig ads online are from fakes, scammers, & criminals.

RULE #1 Never use or share your real full name and birth date online until you actually meet a person.

If your gonna dive into this sess pool of an industry take precaution the vast majority are out to exploit you and take advantage of a bad situation but there are some good people out here that aren’t bottom feeders and opportunists who truly just want to have fun and make money.

A dirty little secret about this business is identity theft & blackmail NEVER and I MEAN NEVER send your full real name, full face pic, social security number, address, ID  to anyone asking for it online. There are people out here that will try to blackmail you with the info, people who will stalk you, and people who will just sell your information. No adult company needs your social security number if they say they do it’s a big red flag to stay away. 2257 is to stop underage exploitation your birthday is the only thing required. You show your ID in PERSON in real life after you meet. If you do porn you will not be able to keep it a secret, it will get out. Every professional performer who tested with AIM (The pro porn testing facility)had their medical records, real names, birth dates, social security leaked on a site called pornwikileaks in early 2011. So be careful who you share you information with as stated all over this site, the porn world is a small world very few people run and control it, there is a reason you always see the same guys but there are thousands upon thousands of girls churning thru it.

Make a habit of only sending face pix after you actually meet or find out they have an actual office location that’s in the phone book and everything lol or be prepared to see your face plastered all over as if you were already in the business.

Unless you are doing porn there is no reason to show your face tied to adult ads or business it serves no purpose.

Set up a separate email just for looking for adult gigs that is not tied to any facebook, myspace, or other social networking site. Never use your real name and info for email, bills, or social networking sites.  I have screened for many a girl and before I reply to any response I go to pipl.com and google I search the name they use, the email, the phone number, username, etc….. within 30 seconds I can usually find their real info because it’s tied to these social network sites. I have saved girls from convicted rapists, kidnappers, violent criminals and more and trust me if a company is repeatedly using free sites to recruit girls they are probably not that profitable of a company.

If they have no website they are not a real company, sorry it’s 2010 ladies a basic website is like a business card these days and adult money is almost all handled online these days. Chances are if all they have is a yahoo, aol, hotmail, gmail account, etc…. asking for pix they are not a REAL company and are just wasting time. Free sites don’t count,  neither do myspace or facebook. If you can’t afford the tools of your trade your not a PRO.

Any ad that states you will makes $500-$1000 a day guaranteed is lying it takes at least 6 months to make that kind of money consistently and that’s full time, regardless of looks not to mention the ghetto slang, or promise of fast easy money, live the good life, go shopping, travel, blah blah blah all lying scammers trying to bait you unless you consider this countries crack motels as travel. If they can barely speak or write it’s highly doubtful they can count or provide you that so called good life. This is not easy or glamorous, people who actually have money usually don’t take pictures of it lol, and they definitely don’t steal pix of others peoples money and post it, so if you see big stacks of money, jewelery, fancy cars, guess what the pix are stolen and they have none of that. Beautiful models pix in the ad or on their website that most likely they never met and most likely don’t work for that company. Use a program called tineye and see where the pic was stolen from.

Webcam sites/ads, almost all promise big money, you will not make it, and they require you to send a bunch of personal info avoid like the plague. Sure some have the web traffic but if you have the equipment run your own ads I guarantee you’ll make more camming for yourself. Those hundreds an hour they promise usually ends up a 5 dollar and some change check.  These sites are not gonna get you thousands of views and fans overnight and you don’t need thousands. You set up a set time every week where your available, post some ads, do some free shows then charge a fair amount like $10 to start. Yes it will take a while but some company doesn’t have all your info, and you don’t have to split the money you make. Don’t expect to make more than $50-$500 a month when you just start out web camming, like mentioned above it really takes a good 6 months to build a loyal fanbase and make real money.

If a person can see you on their screen they can capture it and sell it, it is how a lot of guys get free content. Best way to prevent this is to charge for private skype shows, watermark the outgoing video stream, and have a sign somewhere in the background with your email, website, or phone number so if this does occur at least the source of the original video is present. If you cam for free or on free sites best believe there is a good chance of someone copying it and even selling it. Even if a site promises that your content won’t be shown locally there is NO WAY to guarantee that any intelligent 7th grader can get a proxy and view contenet from their country or state in any other country or state.

Forums & Review Sites:
Does your email seem to get hacked into more than normal? Anyone who dabbles in technology knows the vast majority of people use the same password for everything, most of these sites exist just to get your email and password. So again set up a separate email for your adult correspondence, web sites sign ups, etc. and never use your real personal info for them. Review sites take them with a grain of salt 9 out of 10 reviews online are most likely written by the woman herself, her agency/husband/and or pimp, the competition, or a client in exchange for favors, so when you see a positive or negative review it’s authenticity is probably nil.  A review won’t make you a good PRO,  great service at a fair rate, recent watermarked proof of life/location pix, and videos showcasing your skills will.

Spammers, ladies & gentlemen for that matter if they are posting daily over and over you guessed it it’s obvious they aren’t making any money google the ad title the phone number, the fake business name they change weekly used in ad you’ll see.

CellPhones /Internet
Never get a cell phone or cable/internet, utility bills in your name. Cell phones today are virtually gps tracking devices that record every location and every contact.  Utilities make it easy for stalkers to find you, and internet cable will forever store every webpage visit and history.  These few things will not be significant in building your credit.  All these companies are corporations that worship money,  I’ve never had a problem making up a name and info (John/Jane Smith) and if it fails the credit check, just pay the deposit, if I did have an issue just call back and try another friendlier customer service rep, and if all else fails you would be amazed what a barely above minimum wage employee will do for a quick $20.  There is no reason for these companies to have your personal information or social security number. You can also place your property in a REIT once you get to that level. As long as your not defrauding anyone, stealing identities, and paying per a companies policies you are not violating any laws.  Your where abouts, conversations, and internet history is no ones business. You have a right to privacy in this country. The powers that be will always be able to find you if important enough but don’t make it easy by just giving your info out to every company.

Bottom line do your homework like they say if it sounds to good to be true it most likely is. 9 out of 10 ads online offering adult gigs are FRAUDULENT when replying be careful of the personal information you send. A brief description, body pic should be all a company needs before actually meeting in REAL life.

This is a very hard and demanding lifestyle, the benefits can be huge, you literally can retire in 5 years but many try and fail because they don’t have a plan, have no idea how the industry works, and fall for the tricks of these bottom feeders. It’s hard enough to succeed but when you start off going the wrong direction it’s even harder.

Guarantees any ad or site that Guarantees anything is lying there are no guarantees in this business. Like anything in life if you want to be successful it takes discipline, sacrifice, and a plan. If you join the military before you get out it takes 4 years of brainwashing. If you want to be a lawyer it takes a minimum 3 years of schooling, sacrifice, and 5-6 figures that you must pay back. If you want to be a doctor it’s a minimum 8 schooling years and hundreds of thousands of dollar to pay back. These are not the only professions that can charge $100+ per hour but just used as an example. Lawyers & doctors will spend years paying off their debts and working to achieve their lifestyles. So if you want to earn $100+ per hour and retire within 3-5 years you must do the same. Sacrifice the drugs, the clubs, the shopping, the partying, the spending for 3-5 years and spend the rest of your life enjoying it. Otherwise you’re just getting by like most other people and the older you get the less valuable you become.


Requires that you be an adult, know how to entertain men, and understand this is a BUSINESS first.

Treat it like one and you will be successful

Never plead guilty or except the plea ALWAYS PLEAD NOT GUILTY AND GO TO TRIAL.

Represent yourself until the trial date(the date you have to show up and the case is tried in front of a jury) to save money.
The only thing you need to say up until that point is NOT GUILTY

You only need the lawyer for that day. If you followed the RULES of ONLY SAY 3 THINGS to law enforcement, you will win the case.

The only 3 things you EVER have to say to a law enforcement official is.

1. Am I free to go?
2. Am I under arrest?
3. May I speak with an attorney?

Don’t say anything else without your lawyer present and they will have no case.

Be polite and respectful, they are going to take you to jail anyway don’t make it worse by talking to them, they are not your friends.

If a person tries to solicit you or engage in discussions of money for sex while on an modeling/escorting/or companionship gig ask them to leave. They have to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that you broke the law when 9 times out of 10 they did. The burden of proof is on them not YOU. Stop taking plea bargins the reason they target escorts is because a lot make it easy on them.

Remember they work for you, you are only required to say 3 things to law enforcement. Know your rights. Be polite, respectful and keep your mouth shut.

The only 3 things you EVER have to say to a law enforcement official is.

1. Am I free to go?
2. Am I under arrest?
3. May I speak with an attorney?

Don’t say anything else without a lawyer present and they will have no case.

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