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Did you show up and it was a different woman then in the pix?

Did she show up and was not the one in her pix?

Ad states she independent but she’s not?

LADIES – Most professional men understand two heads are better then one, and that there is safety in numbers. If they don’t that’s not the type of client you want. The problem is when you LIE about it. Don’t say you’re independent when  you’re not that’s not a TopNotch Pro, that’s a woman being exploited by incompetent management. Men want women who choose this lifestyle because they love it. No man wants to spend time with a woman who is being forced to be there.

Proper Management does not beat you, proper management doesn’t get you addicted to drugs PERIOD. That’s why you have no money in your pocket but work everyday.

Blowpopz.com will not tolerate scum, liars, exploitation, bait & switchers, & spammers will be removed. We don’t condone gorilla management (management that beats up women or uses violence). We don’t condone junkie management (management that hooks women on drugs).

We do our best to screen each new model, but people and circumstances change.

BlowPopz models do it because they want to, not because someone makes them.

Ladies if a government official threatens to arrest you or uses their power to intimidate you to do things against your will, save the condom, save the semen, get some DNA under your nails during the act. When they leave go to the ER and report it as RAPE because that is what it is, then file a lawsuit against the department and the city.

Women you have the POWER to stop corrupt law enforcement but you have to think like them they are trained to collect evidence because that is what is needed for a conviction. NEVER let anyone abuse their power, those type of men are the worst kind of criminals and need to be off the street. You ALWAYS have a right to say NO & pick and choose who you have relations with, do not accept offers from law enforcement for protection in exchange for illegal services, even if they say they will protect you and not entrap you, whenever it serves in their best interest they will turn on you, they have no honor. You will make more from a settlement or lawsuit than modeling/escorting for a year maybe longer. The corrupt official will lose their career, be publicly ashamed and more. A few hours at the hospital will be all the evidence you need and best of all it’s FREE.


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The only 3 things you EVER have to say to a law enforcement official is.

1. Am I free to go?
2. Am I under arrest?
3. May I speak with an attorney?

Don’t say anything else without your lawyer present and they will have no case.

Be polite and respectful, they are going to take you to jail anyway don’t make it worse by talking to them, they are not your friends. Don’t engage in small talk don’t say anything become mute unless it’s those 3 sayings KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

If a person tries to solicit you or engage in discussions of money for sex while on an modeling/escorting/or companionship gig ask them to leave. They have to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that you broke the law when 9 times out of 10 they did. The burden of proof is on them not YOU.

Stop taking plea bargains the reason they target escorts is because a lot make it easy for them by accepting pleas or pleading no contest.

Remember they work for you, you are only required to say 3 things to law enforcement. Know your rights. Be polite, respectful and keep your mouth shut.

The only 3 things you EVER have to say to a law enforcement official is.

1. Am I free to go?
2. Am I under arrest?
3. May I speak with an attorney?

Don’t say anything else without a lawyer present and they will have no case.

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