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If you want to meet a Blowpopz.com model in real life SCREENING IS MANDATORY.
For those of you who prefer to be discreet also our preferred method of payment.

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Green Dot Reloadable Money Pak Stor Locations

Typical LOCAL screening process. (NON LOCAL requires 3-5 business days notice- add $800 airfare + $300 hourly rate + $150 per diem)

1. You purchase $10-$100 Gift from Blowpopz wishlist we really appreciate pre-paid gift card numbers it lets us know you’re real and serious about your time. I’m sure a roll at a Vegas table is more risky.

We meet at a local public airport, coffee shop, restaurant, bar, gym, grocery store,etc. for 15 minute meet & greet. It may be with me alone, or with an appointment setter of my choosing, or both really depends on schedule availability and location.

You show me your I.D, so I know I’m dealing with an adult and the name of the person with whom I’m gonna be intimate with. You show a minimum wage employee your ID to purchase alcohol or get into a bar, if you want to have intimate relations with me I least need to know your real name, keeps us from doing anything deemed risky lol. Not to mention the laws are very strict we must know you are an adult even if you may look it. You are free to go to a local strip club show your ID and buy overpriced drinks in the hope one of the entertainer will come home with you after hours of tips we won’t mind.

After 15 minutes we go our separate ways if we have chemistry we may meet again usually within a week to a month I will contact you. In the meantime familiarize yourself with my site & enjoy.

I meet all my fans in public before any private dates. This is my screening process. If you can’t be seen in public with me you WILL NOT see me in private. Don’t worry if you are attached we can casually meet in a grocery store, drug mart, gas station, airport, gym, etc. I can be discreet & can adapt to any environment.

My main concern is to not be robbed, raped, kidnapped, or murdered. By meeting in public and having a digital bread crumb of email exchanges, web cam chats, cell phone calls, & finally a public encounter in our heavily monitored world greatly reduces these odds.

Please understand I only require a limited amount of good quality gentlemen to live quite comfortably. I don’t see just anyone but I am non judgmental. I try to limit my regular fans to 10 but it does vary. I never see more than 1 fan a day. I do follow a buddy/check in system Any time spent with me will be private & uninterrupted as long as I feel comfy in the situation.

I only seek Mutually Beneficial Loyal Relationships. I do prefer meeting at airports, lots of cameras so silly to try anything stupid, a few dollars to park keeps most of the game players away, easy to blend in, plus I do travel, gyms are also nice what better low key gift to your significant other than to get a gym membership & get in shape for her ; ) they have showers, cameras, and generally require memberships, as a double bonus I keep in shape &  lots of airports have 24 hour gyms making it an ideal place to meet. You can find me at an elliptical near you.

Airport Gyms

24 Hour Fitness Membership, Ballys Fitness membership, Golds Gym,  LA Fitness Membership,

After initial screening only requested contact information is stored. So………

Want to Video Skype, IM, or talk on the phone with a Porn Performer?
Buy something from the gift wish list (wishlist.blowpopz.com), $5-$5000. Want to meet & spend time with a porn performer do the same or Book here. Special personal video picture requests, Booking for video shoots, or REAL LIFE Meet & Greets breakfast, lunch, dinners just ask and contact Blowpopz.
{w4m, w4mm, w4mmm, w4mmmm, w4mmmmm}
Most scene requests/fetishes considered. One liners not considered. Please read thru our site before contacting us. Web Site Members get priority.

or you just prepay in advance via recommended eGift cards located on the Pro Kit page.

We do not use providers for references, We do not participate in gossip sites run by unknown 3rd parties, nor do we share information with unknown 3rd party websites you know the ones usually run by convicted felons or the ones that pay for most of the ads that state verification is required hmmm one $5 ad or national marketing campaign in return for 1-1000 daily annual verified “verification site” memberships. What you don’t think the powers that be can generate false employment and other required info lol. Why do you think ads are so similar cross country or require verification but never reply back? These companies spend thousands per month to get your sign ups from clients and providers. If that’s your preference please do not contact us. The only thing you accomplished was giving a complete stranger money who has to follow the same laws everyone else does when it comes to subpoenas, now who is most likely to get records subpoenaed? A independent low key companion that can meet in public or a website that has hundreds of thousands if not millions of paid “verification memberships”

Discretion actually means something to us. If you have a need to share your private meetings with unknown 3rd parties over the internet (positive or negative) you will be blacklisted. We appreciate your thoughts but we seeks new loyal friends/fans not internet forum posters. (Private forums are not private if you do not own the server.PERIOD) Wanna brag to your buddies have a poker/movie night or game day and feel free to see if we are available for your parties entertainment. Remember the only way 3 people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead. So please do not post reviews (positive or negative) we do not need them word of mouth seems to do just fine.

Being a member of these sites does not protect you from the powers that be, plenty of “verified” providers & clients with “references” have been arrested and entrapped. We all have our bad days and good days, you may see a certain provider or client hundreds of times but when that bad day comes their loyalty lies with their own family and self preservation, and will turn on a dime and work to entrap you to save themselves, this is just human nature. It’s a known fact the powers that be threaten & entrap providers, saying that they will lose their children, and threaten clients that they will out them to their wives and destroy their families/careers if they do not help them, no verification site in the world will prevent these tactics. So use common sense those sites exist to make money either from your membership, ad referral links, or honey pots to collect evidence and build cases no matter if you post how good your “dreams” were lol it’s highly naive to think those sites aren’t being used for those purposes. It’s also highly naive to think these site don’t hand over user information if they are threatened by an investigation.

So in short.
Loose lips sink ships, never let the money & the product meet. If you post a review positive or negative and use my stage or real name, location, activities that occurred during your “dream” I consider you a snitch and you will be blacklisted.


Fuel For Thought:




If you don’t respect our rules or our time you do not respect us. Plenty other quality fish in the sea enjoy spending your valuable time on them. We are not mad at you one bit.

Remember on Blowpopz, you are dealing with women. Not a trafficked forced to be there naive, uneducated, poorly represented girl on the chitlin circuit holed up in an extended stay or motel 6 with no other opportunities or choice and most likely a substance abuse habit and gang affiliation.

Top Notch Screening
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