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Misc. Positions Available.
Always Hiring:
What can I say 4 years in the adult video biz you meet a wide variety of people. #JustSaying

I currently only film in the month of June unless a true gem comes along.
Amateur I Pay $200 per 15 minute scene unlimited pops.
Semi Pro I Pay $250 per 15 minute scene unlimited pops.
Pro I pay $300 per 15 minute scene unlimited pops.
I am also available for content trades with independent women.
I determine who is a PRO.

I am also available to shoot in the following cities regularly but can fly anywhere.
June = always MIAMI
Nashville, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Denver, Miami, Austin

Please note, I do not think I am the shit, I am not the biggest or only dick in the world. Feel free to film or partner with your current partner or person of interest. Women who want to go to boot camp, join the military, go to college and sacrifice 3-5 years is what it takes to succeed. If you want to make REAL money in porn please be prepared for 5-7 hours of dick in your mouth per week on film for 6 months & another 5-7 hours of web cam time per week to have a chance. That is the business after all. There are a million women in porn 999,999 thousand are still struggling financially.

Face Aerobics
Deep Throat Training for women only.

Need a well endowed dick to practice on? Disease FREE? Discreet? Film or no film your choice.
15 minute-60 minute sessions
1st session FREE lol
No commitment required come back for more or just sample sizing availability.
Anywhere in USA I Fly & Travel
I Don’t meet with or work with men 1 on 1 appointments only.
I teach you how to land a husband ; )
All I provide is a long, clean, trim(sometimes shaven your choice) tool to practice on.

Male Stunt Cock for W or WW Only.
Need just a cock for your scene?
Positions accepted POV Receiving Oral, POV CowGirl, POV Reverse Cow Girl, Breast Sex
Content Trades Available.
Anywhere in USA I Fly & Travel
I Don’t meet with or work with men 1 on 1 scenes only.

Master / Slave:
3-5 year submission position required.
Video participation required.
Quit whenever you want.
3-5 years $500,000-$1,000,000

This page is as REAL as you want it to be. Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience at blowpopz (at) g mail dawt com or as always fill out the many contact forms on the site http://work.blowpopz.com

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